Jason Fletcher's Daily Photo
Ongoing Timelapse Since 2003
This project aims to create a timelapse of my body growing older. But I can also see the different places I've inhabited, the people in my life, and all sorts of different habits. The faces I make are based on whatever I feel at the moment. I'm not bothered if I miss days.

The act of taking a daily photo has become a simple habit, akin to brushing my teeth. But once a year I must organize the photos and it's always interesting to look back and see what memories bubble up. And when I go through the tedious process of aligning the eyes for the timelapse video, I'm forced to look back into the daily activities of years past and I'm surprised at what details I suddenly remember. Through this simple act of taking a photo, I can better look into the past and recognize who I once was and realize who I am now.
Face Recognition Research
Researchers and academics are welcome to and request access to the comlete photo archive. Two types of collections are available: Original untouched photos from camera / Photos with pupils manually aligned